So, What Do You Do Again?

More Customers for Your Business

Social Media is no longer an option for a small business – it is essential!

Why Do You Need To Be Active on Social Media?

Because your customers are online on Social Media every day, you need to appear in their line of sight. If they don’t see you on Social Media too then you could easily lose their custom to your competitors.

Want proof?

Here are the percentages of adults in the USA that use the main Social Media sites…

86% of adults use Facebook





​So, if you can put your message, your business, your products or your services in front of your ideal local customer on Social Media on a regular basis…

Then you make more sales!

And this is true whether you are…

  • A restaurant that wants more diners
  • An electrician who wants more customers
  • A bridal shop that wants to sell more wedding dresses
  • or ANY type of small business that wants to attract more local customers.

So the formula for success is actually a simple one…

Your customer spends lots of time on Social Media.  You post regularly in the places where they spend their time. He or she regularly sees your posts.

This helps to build trust and rapport with the customer who is then far more likely to spend money with you rather than your competitor.

You make more sales!

So how can you achieve this on Social Media?

Most small businesses fail at this though because…

  • They don’t have the time Most small business owners don’t have enough hours in the day and even though they start with the aim to post regularly, this soon stops when they’re pushed for time.
  • They don’t post often enough Just one post per week, or even less frequently is just not enough to been seen online and get real quantifiable results
  • They don’t post where their customers are As you’ve seen, Facebook is the most popular social network, but lots of your customers are on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram too.
  • They don’t post the right content. Your posts need to be the right mix of promotions, info about your products and services and posts that encourage engagement. Engagement on posts (ie comments, likes and shares) is important because Facebook then sees the post as popular and so shows that, and your other posts, to more and more people. Posts should also use quality images that catch the reader’s eye in the newsfeed.


Social Media Marketing

That Pays For Itself

We’re not interested in just posting for the sake of it – we want to help you to see a real ROI (Return On Investment), as well as grow your audience and your business through Social Media.

Our job is to make people fall in love with your brand so that they become life-long customers!

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