Joel Rothman

Partner at SRIPLAW

Tansel is an extraordinarily bright, motivated and experienced professional who can easily take on any project and produce great results. I recommend him highly.

Urban Valentin

TV & Media Consultant

Tansel is working very accurately and is a very good project manager.

Vaz Andreas


I’ve worked with Tansel on several projects, each experience with him has been overwhelmingly positive. Tansel is a leader. As a role model, he is inspirational to people. He is a true believer in teamwork and has a strong sense of always wanting to exceed expectations. Tansel has the very rare ability to take co… See more

Rod Underhill

Attorney at State of California

Tansel is an extremely gifted person who brings energy and vision to any project he is working on. He has superb management skills and would make a wonderful asset to any business.

Frank Fusenig

Inhouse Consultant/Project manager at Eurohypo AG

Tansel is a person of high work ethic, great personality and strong comittment to succeed his job while maintaining high quality and a professional work approach. He is absolutly committed to satisfy his clients. He respects and acknwoledges other people’s ideas and knowledge, what makes him a great team player. Espec… See more

Bernd Kemmer

Human Resources Professional

I know Tansel as a very reliable and autonomous working collegue. His work is shaped by high initiative of his own. Especially I want to mark his ability to work under tight deadlines. Tansel would be a great asset to any company.

Urban Valentin

TV & Media Consultant

Tansel is doing his work with passion and is very dedicated. If he encounters problems he’s always getting to a solution even if it’s hard to get there. On the other hand he finds the way to have a good time with his colleagues and therefore he’s a good teamplayer.