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This Is A Step By Step Guide

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Install the app on your Android Device

Click Here To Download The App

If you get parsing error then do this: Go to Setting > Application > tick the checkbox “Unknown Source” and try to install again.

Open the app and login with this credentials:
ACCOUNT: editor01
PASSWORD: 334455

app name is “GoLista Redemption”

You will see now a message

Pleas select your name from the list below“:

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  • Anonymous Mode

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Scan this QR code with the app

Use the app and try all other options/functions

Congratulations you completed the testing.

Now we need from you:

  1. Logfile: (We need this file only if you could not login to the app) Go to your SD card to take the file “barcodelog.txt“
  2. Device Info: You can get that by going to:
    Setting > About phone (in case the screen has long info, please do not forget to scroll down and provide everything)
  3. Survey: Please complete the survey below
  4. Tracking Link: You will get this after you complete the survey send to your email

Now Please Take The Survey Below

This Is The Survey

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